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No sermon this week...

I know that you will be very disappointed to hear that I will not be preaching this week. Ha ha. But this week we are blessed with a special guest preacher. Ms. Shona Boardman is a theological student studying at Trinity College in Toronto and she has a summer home in this part of the world and I have coerced her into offering us her words. It's good practise for her... I will also be away for the next couple of Sundays as I am going on vacation for two weeks. See you all when I get back. If, in the meantime, you would like somethings to chew on you can check out the sermons found at Sermons That Work . A site filled with great things to occupy your mind and soul.

Dax Burgomaster-Siteman 1997-2007

Yesterday our beloved dog, Dax, died. She was suffering from a severe paralysis that was beginning to take away her dignity and as this photo shows Dax was a very dignified dog. Dax was a very kind and patient dog who loved her walks, her treats, her cheese, the socks that David would send home, and all the other things that most dogs love. She had a particular affection for the "William Tell Overture" and enjoyed sleeping in any sunbeam she could find. For the first seven years of her life she lived with the Burgomaster family in Halifax. David, Patrick, Jennifer and Glen loved her and took care of her. Dax really loved her tuna tins from Jennifer and enjoyed chasing after David and Pat. Then in 2004 she came to live with us when we moved to the rectory in Neil's Harbour. Dax enjoyed the open air and open spaces of this place. Particularly she enjoyed a good romp on the point next to the lighthouse. She adapted very well when Magdalene arrived home and was extremel

5 August - Sermon for that Day

This week I will only be preaching at St. Andrew's because St. John's is hosting our United Church brothers and sisters and we will be graced with the words and wisdom of their pastor. Thus HERE is this week's sermon. Got comments? I'd love to read them...