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Sunday after Christmas

This Sunday we hear the old familiar words of the Nunc Dimittis from the prophet Simeon.  Words of joy tinged with sorrow. My sermon for today can be found by clicking HERE I hope your Christmastide continues to be blessed and that the New Year brings you joy, if tinged with sorrow.

Christmas Eve

My apologies for being so late posting this. The season of Christmas had me celebrating a bit as well as being brought low by my annual Christmas cold. Christmas Eve was a lovely night amongst the people of St. Peter's.  The audio of the sermon I preached at the 7:30pm worship can be found by clicking HERE (I am sorry for the ringing sound at 6:29... technology can be frustrating by times) I hope you are all having a blessed and restful Christmastide.


Happy New Year to you all!  The liturgical calendar begins with the hope  of Advent. My sermon for this Sunday can be found by clicking HERE