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Reverse Sunday

On the first Sunday of February the adult congregation and the Sunday school reverse their positions... the adults worship in the hall and the younger members take over the church. Click HERE for links to my sermon for this week (text posted Saturday and audio posted Sunday).

Third Sunday after Epiphany

This week we hear the familiar story of Jonah, one of my personal favourites. HERE is the link to my sermon in both audio and test formats. Blessings to you all!

Epiphany Continues

The Season of Epiphany continues and this week we welcomed a new member into the Household of Faith through the waters of baptism. HERE is the link to my sermon for this occasion. Please feel free to leave your comments and valuable feedback.

What happens when I go off script...

Today, I had a sermon prepared to offer and as I read it before worship I decided that I did not really like it nor did it speak to the community I serve. Thus and so I put it away and went off script and spoke to the community about a stained glass window within our church (above). The sermon that I offered can be found by clicking HERE Your feedback is valuable to me... please offer it.

On the 11th Day of Christmas...

The brief season of Christmas is all too quickly coming to a close. Click HERE to go to my page of published sermons. The text is published on Saturday and the audio is published on Sunday. Hope you are enjoying your Christmas celebrations.