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Happy New Year

The First Sunday in Advent brings with it a new liturgical year and a new parish relationship. I have published my sermon for this week in text and will post it in audio as soon as I find the cable that connects my recorder to my computer... I know it's in a box here somewhere... Click HERE to go to my publishing page and check back soon for the audio update.

Sermon Posted

After a glorious day, a full church and being overwhelmed by love I have finally posted my sermon (in both text and audio), you can access it by clicking HERE May God richly bless the people of the Parish of Neil's Harbour with Ingonish.


Sunday marks the end of my time as Rector of the Parish of Neil's Harbour with Ingonish. I will be posting my sermon on Sunday afternoon in both text and audio format... I just did not have the heart to post it early. Our final worship together will be tomorrow (Sunday 23 November - Christ the King) at St. Andrew's Church, Neil's Harbour 10am. All are welcome.

Penultimate Sermon

This weeks marks my second to last Sunday as Rector of the Parish.  I am up to my armpits in boxes and moving stuff.  I prepare to leave this place with many emotions running through me.  I will miss this place and her people and yet I am very excited about the new possibilites ahead for me. Anyway, HERE is the link to this week's sermon (text on Saturday, audio on Sunday) as I continue to pack and prepare. Blessings.

Lest we forget

Tomorrow is Remembrance Day and I will be observing the day with worship at St. John's Church, Ingonish and with ceremony at Ingonish Legion. HERE is the link to my sermon text (posted Monday) and audio (posted Tuesday). Lest we forget.

What's Up

This past Sunday (2 Nov) we were blessed with the presence of Mr. Andrew Mortimer as our Guest Preacher. Andrew is a 3rd year Postulant and will be graduating in the spring. May God continue to bless him in all that he does. This coming Sunday (9 Nov) Maggie MacKinnon and I will be giving our Ask & Imagine report to the parish to show and tell everyone here what we got up to during that time. Maggie & I have made a brief slide show/video about our time and you can find it by clicking HERE The file is in .wmv format and is about 4.5 Mb. The audio/visual quality is not the best but I didn't want it to be too large to download. Let us know what you think.