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Palm Sunday

Today begins the journey through Holy Week. Palm Sunday is full of wonderful imagery and lovely liturgy. My sermon for today can be found by clicking HERE There will be services all week at St. Peter's. All are welcome.

Mothering Sunday

My sermon for this week can be found by clicking HERE Your feedback is important to me

Third Sunday in Lent

Something people should know about me is that I am NOT a morning person. I run purely on "autopilot" until after I've had my first cup of coffee... So sometimes I forget items if they are not where I am used to finding them. Such was the case this morning as I left behind my recording device. So, I am sorry to say, you will just have to read my sermon this week. In the sermon I mention an article that was written about me and one of the things I do in my vocation.  You can find the article by clicking HERE . It may help you to see it to make more sense out of my sermon. Here is the text of my sermon for today: Sermon for the Third Sunday in Lent 4 March 2018 St. Peter’s Anglican Church, Birch Cove, Halifax, NS I speak to you today in the name of God: Father (+), Son, and Holy Spirit. Amen. By now most of you have seen the article either on line or in hard copy. Yes that’s me on the cover of the Chronicle Herald with a cup of my favourite non-alcohol