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Blessed and Holy Three, Glorious Trinity

This Sunday we celebrate the theology of the Holy Trinity, three Persons and one God. My sermon for this day can be found by clicking HERE May the blessing of the Trinity abide in you all.


Sunday was the culmination of our Easter celebrations with the great event of Pentecost. My sermon for that day can be found by clicking HERE May the Holy Spirit guide you and inspire you all your days. ------------------------------- Last Sunday we celebrated the event of the Ascension of our Lord and you can find my sermon for that day by clicking HERE

Pair of Sermons

I'm sorry that I neglected posting my sermon last week. So to make up for it here are two! My sermon for the Fifth Sunday of Easter can be found by clicking HERE And my sermon for the Sixth Sunday of Easter where we commemorated the Battle of the Atlantic can be found by clicking HERE The season of Easter is fast coming to it glorious conclusion, I hope your celebrations have been joyful.