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Sunday's Sermon

Click HERE to go to the sermon I have prepared for this week. As always your comments are valuable to me.

Pentecost 17 Sermon

Please click HERE to read the sermon I have prepared for this week. Your comments, questions and criticisms are welcome.

Celebrating 130 Years of Faith and Witness

This Sunday we are marking the occasion of St. Andrew's 130th Anniversary. The service this week will celebrate the place of St. Andrew's, Neil's Harbour as a part of God's Church Universal. HERE are my comments on this great occasion. Your comments would be appreciated.

Dinah Siteman has come home

My friends we have a new family member! Dinah came to her new home late last night through a pounding rain storm. She is a gentle and loving retired racing greyhound whom we adopted through Greyhound Pets of Atlantic Canada or GPAC . She is 3 years old and has many years ahead of her to be pampered and loved. She will have some adjusting to do now that she is a pet and not just a racer. And we have some adjusting to do with the demands of a new dog. But the whole family is enjoying her. Magdalene and she are great friends already and I can tell that they are going to get into no end of trouble together. I'll keep you posted with better pictures as she gets settled in.

Sermon for this week

I have returned from my vacation and have had a really hard week. Two deaths and one funeral have left me very drained emotionally. But I have dug down deep to offer these words for Sunday and if you would like to you can read them by clicking HERE . Your thoughts and comments would be appreciated.