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Happy Christmas!

To all my Christian brothers and sisters I wish you a blessed and happy Christmastide! Last night was a glorious night of celebration in our parish. Feel free to check out my Christmas Eve sermon by clicking: HERE May the birth of our Lord Jesus up hold you and strengthen you for the days ahead.

Sermon for 17 December 2006

Sorry to be a bit late with posting this sermon... I am sure that you have been waiting with bated breath... ha ha... But for those who are interested please click HERE for my sermon on the Third Sunday in Advent. Please leave me your valuable feedback.

Sermon for the Second Sunday in Advent

This week's sermon is ready for you to read and comment on. 10 December 2006 Please feel free to come back here and leave your valuable feedback.

Sermon for 3 December 2006

For those of you who are interested here is my sermon for the First Sunday in Advent. Just click here. Please come back here and leave any feedback. Blessings.