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I am definitely not a political junkie, or even a political person. I never speak out about the politics of our government but I fear I can be silent no longer.  I write today, not as a priest of the church (though it is hard to separate that fact); I write today as a citizen of this country who is worried, upset and, frankly, terrified. The current fiasco that is happening in Ottawa regarding the spending of tax dollars on certain Senators feels to me like a boil that has been festering under skin and it is about to either erupt or be lanced. It is our own fault really.  Canadians elected the government we have knowing full well what they were capable of.  What seems to get lost in all of this is exactly how we went into the last general election.  The governing party was found “ in contempt of Parliament ”.  The Conservative Party of Canada was deemed to be so filled with disdain for the rules of order and the rules of parliament that their minority government fell and we al