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Proper 30a 2017

Today's sermon can be heard by clicking HERE God's love is all over the place.

Sunday's Sermon

I'm back on track with my recording device. The events in the life of our country and parish feature in my sermon for this week. To hear it please click HERE As always your feedback is important to me.

Was bound to happen

Sadly I did not have my recording device with me this morning so I was unable to capture the audio of my sermon. Sorry folks, you'll just have to read the following with my voice in your head. As always your comments are welcome and encouraged. Sermon for the 19 th Sunday after Pentecost Proper 28a 15 October 2017 Parish of St. Peter’s, Birch Cove, Halifax, NS May only truth be offered here this day, and may only truth be received; in the name of God: Father (+), Son, and Holy Spirit. Amen. Last week we celebrated Thanksgiving. For me, I celebrate this by sharing in a festive meal. I was very joyful this year to have eight people around our table. I usually try to find family or friends to gather around the table. In my home this means that there is a turkey to be cooked and veggies to prepare. Oh and hopefully a pie to bake. This year was no different. I cooked the turkey, baked the pie, got the veggies ready and then we shared in a truly sumptuous


I had best post this now before the feast of turkey puts me into a food coma. My sermon for Thanksgiving can be found by clicking HERE I hope you have a blessed and happy Thanksgiving.

Sermon for Proper 26a - 1 October 2017

My sermon for the 17th Sunday after Pentecost can be found by clicking HERE Your valuable feedback is important to me.