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The fire of the Holy Spirit comes to dwell in us all and we recall that great gift this week by celebrating the festival of Pentecost. This is the end of the Easter Season, I trust that you all celebrated it well. This week's sermon can be found by clicking HERE Please send me you comments and feed back either in the comments section of this blog or by sending me an email at sta.stj[@] Or you can look me up on facebook.

The Seventh Sunday of Easter

This week's sermon can be found: HERE Please feel free to offer your feedback on this or any other subject.

Sermon for Mothers' Day

This week is Mothers' Day and I hope that all mothers everywhere will be loved and cared for this day. My thoughts for the readings of this week can be found HERE Please let me know what you thought with your valuable feedback.

This Week's Sermon

This week in the parish we are celebrating many things! St. Andrew's is celebrating a baptism St. John's is celebrating their Patronal Festival And we are offering and asking special prayers for our fisheries and fishers So with all that in mind HERE is this week's sermon. Please let me know what you think.