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Sermon for 24 November

Tonight sees our annual Ecumenical Service of Remembering those whom we have loved but see no longer for the area North of Cape Smokey. I have the privilege of preaching at this service and I offer it to you all HERE As always please feel free to leave your comments on this sermon as the feedback is very valuable to me.

Sermons this week

This week saw worship services for both Sunday and Remembrance Day. Sermons for those days can be found here: Remembrance Day Pentecost 23 As always, I encourage your comments. Blessings.

Continuation on a theme

This week's sermon continues my current thoughts on leadership and on the Diocesan Youth Conference. It can be found by clicking HERE As always I am open to your comments and critiques so please come back here and leave them. Blessings!

More from DYC 2006

The ministry that I performed this year at DYC was that of Chaplain. I was present to the staff and participants for pastoral care, counselling, and just hanging out. As chaplain I had the opportunity to prepare our Bible Studies for both Saturday and Sunday . I was also afforded the honour of offering the homily at our opening service of worship. After the opening service one of the participants came to ask me what I thought a leader was. She wanted me to expand upon what I had spoken about in my sermon that night. I believe her actual question was, "What do you think a leader is?" My homily, which was based upon my sermon for the 22nd of October , spoke about not looking at leadership through the eyes of greed, or what's in it for me. Rather I believe we, Christians, should all be leaders by example. Drawing others toward Jesus by living the lives that make this world a better place. Anyone can be a leader if they choose to be, simply by living the life that