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Happy Christmas!

To all my Christian brothers and sisters a happy and blessed Christmas season.

Advent 4 and Christmas Eve

I am hard at work on my sermons for this coming Sunday and for Christmas Eve. I shall post them here as they are completed. Advent Four: written and posted Christmas Eve: written and posted As always I am looking for your feed back, and am grateful for your comments.

This week's Sermon...

Is a lot like last week... I never got the chance to actually preach last week's sermon so I have tweaked it a little bit and am going to offer it to the congregations in its new form. For those of you who read last it last week read it again because I've changed it slightly (see of you can see where). That being said HERE is this week's offering. Comments? Suggestions? Concerns? Feedback? I'd love to hear them all.

Happy New Year!

Advent has begun and a new liturgical year has begun with it. My sermon for this Sunday can be found HERE . I hope you all have a blessed Advent preparing the way of the Lord to come into your lives, and preparing the way of the Lord to come into the world.