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4 December 2005 - Second Sunday in Advent

Our services are scheduled for: 11am Holy Eucharist, St. Andrew's, Neil's Harbour with special guests the members and veterans of Branch 85 of the Royal Canadian Legion 7pm Evening Prayer, St. John's, Ingonish All are welcome at our services of worship.

27 November 2005 - the First Sunday in Advent

There is one service scheduled for our parish this week: 11am, Holy Eucharist, St. John's Church, Ingonish This service will be a special joint service of the whole parish with special focus on the office and work of our Altar Servers. Servers are young people who help in leading worship each week. They assist me, the priest, to make our services of worship as smooth as possible... well as smooth as they can be with me leading ;-) Please come and support our young people who have made a commitment to help our parish with their ministry. As always, all people are welcome at our services of worship.

The Season of Advent

This Sunday, 27 November, marks the beginning of a new year in the Christian Calendar. Happy New Year! Advent is the time we, Christians, observe as we prepare for the coming of Christmas. For the society that we have put around us, Advent is the time to spend as much money as you can on things that we do not really need anyway. The crusade that I would like to go on for the next little while is to remind EVERYONE that Christmas BEGINS on the evening of the 24th of December and continues for 12 days afterward. Christmas does not end when the stores close on the 24th and you have not found an "appropriate" gift for Uncle Sirus. End of Sermon.

20 November 2005 - Reign of Christ

This week our services are schedlued for: 11am Holy Eucharist and Baptism, St. Andrew's, Neil's Harbour 7pm Holy Eucharist and Baptism, St. John's, Ingonish Please keep our Baptismal Candidates, their parents and sponsors in your prayers as they prepare to enter a covenant relationship with God and His church. All are welcome to attend our services of worship.

Home again, home again...

Returned from a nice vacation on Tuesday. We went as far south as Yarmouth! I enjoyed visiting with some friends and on the 10th I was honoured to celebrate at King's College weekly Solemn Eucharist - ahh the incense was divine. I have returned with a new CPAP machine to help me with my sleep apnea symptoms, I really hope this does the trick!