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Good Shepherd Sunday

Each year on the fourth Sunday of Easter we hear readings about God being our shepherd. I used the opportunity to talk about what heaven is. If you would like to read or hear (or both) what I had to say in my homily please click HERE Blessings to you all.

Third Sunday of Easter

Easter continues and we rejoice in the Resurrection. My sermon for this week can be found, in both audio and text formats, by clicking HERE Your feedback is valuable to me, please offer it.

Second Sunday of Easter

Continued Easter greetings to you all! This Sunday is the day of the year we hear about our old friend Thomas, the Twin and his so called doubt. It's one of my favourite texts to preach on as it gives the preacher license to be very challenging. So if you are interested you can find my offering for this Sunday by clicking HERE Let me know what you think.


To all my Christian friends a blessed and happy Easter! My sermons for the Easter Vigil and for Easter Day can be found by clicking HERE May this Eastertide be filled with the blessings of God for all of you!

Good Friday

The people of St. George's were honoured to be invited to worship with our brothers and sisters of Trinity United Church. The two congregations share a common out reach project called Helping Hands. I was invited to preach on this occasion. You can find my homily in both audio and text format by clicking HERE May this day be filled with contemplation and prayer

Maundy Thursday

The night that Jesus gave us our mandate and our mission is the same night he feeds us with his flesh and blood. We gathered for a lovely meal followed by a profound worship. The sermon, in both audio and text formats, for tonight's worship can be found by clicking HERE The story goes on...