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What prophets teach...

Today I had the opportunity to share some wisdom from my friend Judy Steers in my sermon which you can find by clicking HERE in both audio and text format. Your feedback is valuable to me, please share it.

Regional Dean Appointment

Bishop Sue Moxley has seen fit to appoint me as Regional Dean for Northumbria effective May 1st 2009. I am humbled to be asked to take on this ministry and am honoured to accept it. What this will mean is that from time to time I will be required to do some work for the Region. I will help chair Regional Council, I will chair the Regional Clericus and I will take my place at the table of other Regional Deans to offer information, and when asked to offer advice to the Bishops. I will have to visit each parish in this Region every two years to ensure that proper records are being kept and the properties are being attended to. In all the work of a Regional Dean is to ensure that proper administration is being attended to in this Region of the Diocese. I look forward to offering this ministry to the Region and to the Diocese. In due course there will be a Regional Celebration to see that I am liturgically installed into this position - the date will be announced shortly. If you hav


This week at St. George's we are focuing our attention on the Primate's World Relief and Development Fund as they celebrate 50 years of faithful ministry and witness to the Gospel. In point of fact St. George's will be focusing our global outreach project for the year on the PWRDF. I have been asked to draw our attention to this in my homily this week. Which you can find, in both text and audio formats, by clicking HERE I hope that you are continuing to celebrate Easter!