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DYC 2006 - Leadership

I have just returned from my fourth Diocesan Youth Conference. I am always moved by the level of excitement and energy that the young people of our church have when they come together for work, worship, study and fun. The closing Eucharist is always exceedingly emotional for me. I am often moved to tears to see over 100 young people praying together and affirming their faith in God, Jesus and Holy Spirit. This year the theme of the weekend was Leadership using the phrase in Matthew's Gospel, "Let your light so shine before others that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven." The participants were challenged to see leadership in a whole new way and that we are all leaders, if we choose to be so. The keynote speaker, Ms. Judy Steers , told us that leaders are those people who help others to unleash their potential. And that the opposite of a leader is NOT a follower! The opposite of a leader is an "inert, apathetic, often complaining, by

Sermon for 22 October

My ramblings and rantings for this Sunday can be found HERE Please feel free to leave your feedback by coming back here and posting a comment or two.

Harvest Thanksgiving

This Sunday is the celebration of Harvest Thanksgiving! Let us give thanks unto the Lord from whom all good things come! My sermon for this week can be found by clicking HERE And my annual Thanksgiving letter to the parish can be found HERE . As always please feel free to leave me your comments. I will be thankful for them. Blessings, Elliott +

Today's Sermon

After a nice vacation I have returned to the pulpit and the parish. Today's sermon can be found by clicking HERE . Please leave your feedback with your thoughts and honesty.