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Happy Christmas

Tonight we celebrate the night Jesus was born. Happy Christmas to all my Christian friends. The worship tonight was lovely and moving. I wasn't feeling the best but did manage to get up enough energy to preach. For what its worth, click HERE for my offering to the faithful. It is posted in both audio and text format. Blessings to you all!

Advent 4

Well, my annual Christmas cold has decided to grace me with its presence a few days early. Such is life. Sorry to be late posting this but I fell into bed yesterday after worship and lunch and have only poked my head above the covers long enough to do a little work on my Christmas Eve sermon and to post this. Thus, and so... HERE is the link to what I offered yesterday (Sunday) within worship on the Fourth Sunday in Advent.

Got it done...

Well, this week my beloved laptop decided to catch a nasty virus and had to spend a couple of nights in the shop. All's well now thanks to the techs at GMF Computers! I did manage to get my sermon completed though and even managed to get it posted HERE The text is up now (Saturday) and the audio will be up tomorrow (Sunday).

Second Sunday in Advent - Peace

Advent wends it way toward our Christmas celebrations.  This week our focus is upon peace and what that means to us as Christians.  Thus, and so, HERE is my offering for this week.  The text is posted today (Saturday) and the audio will be up tomorrow (Sunday). I trust that you continue to prepare the way...

Audio is Up

Well I finally tracked down the correct cable to connect the recorder to the computer and so, for those of you who are interesed please feel free to read and listen to this week's sermon by clicking HERE Your valuable feedback is important to me.