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2010 Regional Evensong

I have been asked to preach at the kick-off liturgy for the Cape Breton Region's 2010 Celebrations on Sunday night. Click HERE to go to the page with links to the text (posted Thursday) and the audio (hopefully posted on Sunday night - but it will be late that night).

Pentecost 23

This week I will be preaching at St. Andrew's Anglican and Ingonish United Churches.  The congregations of St. John's and Ingonish United regularly share worship and this week we will be going to their house for worship and I will be preaching. Thus, and so... HERE is my offering for this week - text posted on Saturday & audio posted on Sunday .

Harvest Thanksgiving

This weekend is the time we set aside to give thanks to God for all that we have been blessed with in the great harvest of our lives. HERE is the link to my sermon text (posted Saturday) and audio (posted Sunday) for this great festival. Please let me know for what you are thankful at this time of your lives. 

Sunday's Sermon

I'm back to getting my sermon finished when I am used to... Saturday. HERE is the link to the text (posted Saturday) and the audio (posted Sunday) of my sermon for this week, the 21st Sunday after Pentecost (Proper 27). As always I would be honoured for your feedback and comments.
Recently a candidate who is running for federal office rented St. Andrew's Church Hall to hold a gathering/rally and in the process this candidate placed signs for the party they represent upon Church property without permission. When asked to remove those signs from the front of the church building the candidate did so immediately. I want to assure any of you who saw those signs that this Parish does not publicly endorse any candidate for any elected political office of any kind , and neither do I as Rector of this Parish. The property of the Church cannot and will not be used to promote one candidate over another. I encourage you all, and indeed it is your duty as a Christian, to vote in the upcoming elections (both federal and municipal) but the Church will not tell you whom to vote for nor can it be seen to endorse one candidate over another.