Good Bye Facebook

 Today, I cut myself away from Facebook. I simply find that I am wasting far too much time scrolling through things that, frankly, don't really interest me. On an ethical front, I am deeply concerned that such a platform has such a huge effect on so many people. I just don't have room in my life, psyche, mind, and soul for all of the terrible things that live on Facebook. Don't misunderstand, I do think there are good things and good people on that platform, heck my mom is there! But for me... I choose not to be there anymore.

I'll be hanging out here more often, posting missives from time to time. As well I will be using Twitter from time to time... my handles there are @esiteman and @atinfosecpriest.

I also plan on flexing my creative muscles with a couple of funky websites so stay tuned.


  1. Is there a way to subscribe so we are alerted of new posts? I will miss seeing your smiling face pop up on fb. I am signed in here on my google account but I hardly ever check it.

    1. I'll be posting all my blog entries on my twitter feed @esiteman. If you don't have twitter then I'm sure there is a way to subscribe to this feed... I'll look into it and get back to you. E

    2. Hi again, Janet. There is now a "Subscribe" button on the top of the page, feel free to click it.


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